Andrew Sokolenko


With over a 10 years of experience in IT, I started my journey as an SEO optimizer and moved into JavaScript development. From mastering the art of search ranking optimization to creating compelling user interfaces, I am constantly expanding my skill set in the ever-evolving world of business technology.


UniversityUkrainian State Chemical Technology University, Dnipro
Graduation dateJune 2014
FacultyComputer Science and Engineering
SpecialtyComputer Science

Professional experience

Work period06.2020 — 01.2024
PositionFull Stack Developer

— Lead frontend development on projects for high-profile clients, working closely with designers, developers, and project managers to deliver exceptional user experiences.

— Develop and maintain multiple large-scale web applications using React.js, ensuring code quality and scalability through modular component architecture.

— Develop and maintain backend functionality using Node.js to support seamless integration and interaction of commercial React applications with Shopify.

— Mentored Junior Developers, conducted code reviews, and provided technical guidance to ensure adherence to best practices and coding standards.

— Research and evaluate technical options for implementing business requirements.

— Adhere to established processes while actively engaging stakeholders.

— Identify and solve bottlenecks, bugs, and challenges.

— Participate in requirements analysis, task planning, code refactoring, and comprehensive testing.

Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Next, Gatsby, Node, Express, GraphQL, Tailwind, Bootstrap, Webpack, Contentful, Prismic, Storyblok, Shopify Plus

Work period11.2022 — 11.2023
PositionFull Stack Developer

— Customize and optimize React applications for Shopify platforms to enhance user engagement and drive conversions.

— Implement and maintain backend functionalities using Node.js, facilitating seamless integration with Shopify to improve user experience.

— Participate in cross-departmental cross-departmental efforts to identify and prioritize React feature improvements according to the product's trajectory.

— Lead the integration of innovative React elements aligned with the overall product vision.

— Deliver added value by developing robust and user-friendly applications that withstand real-world usage scenarios.

— Explore and evaluate technical capabilities to effectively meet business requirements.

— Follow established protocols by actively engaging stakeholders throughout the development lifecycle.

— Identify and resolve impediments, defects, and impediments to ensure smooth project progress.

— Participate in requirements assessment, task planning, code restructuring and rigorous testing.

Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Next, Node, Express, GraphQL, Tailwind, Storyblok, Shopify Plus

Work period08.2019 — 02.2020
PositionFrontend Developer

— Create a responsive and visually appealing user interface for the SmartTV application.

— Design and implement pages, navigation menus, sections, and forms for user interaction.

— Develop modular and reusable React components to ensure code maintainability and scalability.

— Integrate external APIs or services to fetch and display dynamic data within the application.

— Implement optimizations for performance, such as lazy loading of resources and minimizing network requests.

— Conduct thorough testing and debugging to identify and resolve any issues or bugs.

— Follow best practices in frontend development, including writing clean and efficient code.

— Ensure compatibility with SmartTV devices and optimize the application for their hardware constraints.

Technologies: SmartTV, React-TV, Redux, Redux Thunk, WebOS, ReactJs

Work period06.2016 — 05.2019
PositionFrontend Developer

— Develop user-friendly websites with WordPress and OpenCart, focusing on design and functionality.

— Use HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery to create responsive, engaging front-end interfaces.

— Collaborate with designers and backend developers for seamless integration, meeting project — requirements.

— Perform cross-browser testing for consistent user experience across devices.

— Design and build websites with a focus on SEO, incorporating effective strategies and techniques to improve search engine visibility and rankings.

— Apply optimization techniques like image compression, code minification for faster websites etc.

— Integrate third-party plugins and APIs for enhanced functionality.

— Utilize templates and SEO strategies for improved search engine performance and accessibility.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, OpenCart, WordPress, MySQL

Work period11.2015 — 06.2016 (8 months)
PositionSEO teacher (Full-time)
OrganizationTraining centers ITStolytsa and INTELLECT, Kiev

— Preparation of educational material

— Development and modification of the curriculum in accordance with current information

— Reading lectures and conducting practical classes

— Use of the most effective forms, methods and tools in training, new technologies that contribute to a better the assimilation of necessary theoretical and practical knowledge

— Development of the student’s independence and initiative

— Formation of professional skills among students, preparation for application in practical activities

— Planning of independent work of students.


Work period01.2015 — 09.2015 (9 months)
PositionSEO Specialist (Full-time)
OrganizationSEO-CUBE (web studio), Kiev

— Implementation of SEO audits

— Work with internal and external ranking factors

— Analysis and formation of a qualitative and safe reference weight

— Formation of the semantic core of the sites and clustering

— Formation of content plans and meta-tag templates (Title, Keywords, Description, h1-h6)

— Research and analysis of the work of competitors

— Collection of statistics, formation of reports

— Drawing up a technical assignment for copywriters and programmers.

Development of Internet projects:

Work period04.2013 — 12.2014 (1 year 8 months)
PositionSEO Specialist (Full-time)
OrganizationKvitLab (web studio)

Responsible for determining client SEO strategy and identifying tactics across multiple search engines to ensure client goals are met and exceeded:

— Formation of the Semantic Core

— Analysis of the effectiveness of website promotion

— Providence of SEO-audits

— Email-marketing

— Site-side technical optimizations

— Site architecture/organization

— Keyword mapping

— Content and development recommendations

— Link building direction

— Studying the target audience

— Front-end development

— Working with reference exchanges (Sape, Miralinks, Gogetlinks, Getgoodlinks)

— Setting up contextual advertising for monetizing sites. — SEO keyword research and page mapping experience

— Identification and elimination of site optimization errors (off-page and on-page)

— Drawing up a technical assignment for copywriters and programmers.

Development of Internet projects: